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Our top cyber security resolutions for 2022

2021 was another year for the books. Last year, Canadians rediscovered the value of staying protected against threats, whether doing our best to stay healthy or protecting our devices while working and connecting from home. For 2022, let’s stay focused on protecting ourselves by resolving to stay alert, stay careful and stay informed about our cyber security.

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Here are some resolutions that’ll help you do just that.

Lock your work life down

This past year was a strange one for workplaces. While many Canadians started going back to the office, many others continued to work from the comfort of their kitchen table. Whether your organization is going fully remote, switching to a hybrid model or bringing staff back to their desks, you need to know how to stay secure in your work environment.

If you’re working from home, ensure your home network is secure by changing the default Wi-Fi password to something strong and unique and moving your router to a central area in your home, away from exterior walls to limit access to your network from outside.  

If you’re back in the office, make a resolution to double-check your desk for any cyber security faux pas. Change bad habits like having passwords written on sticky notes at your desk, silencing overdue updates for your devices and using Bluetooth settings that are on but not being used.

Be mindful of your posts

Now that the season for presents is over, it’s time to focus on another P-word: privacy. Online shopping can be a fun activity. But it also means giving up valuable information, like your credit card number and home address, in exchange for the convenience of having packages delivered right to your door. That’s okay if you’re shopping from a trustworthy store and making sure not to save those details in your store account or  browser.

The start of a new year is a good time to think carefully about the information you post online. Posting seemingly innocent personal information on social media, like your pets’ names, your birthday or photos with details like your house number in the background could give someone the clues they need to access your accounts by guessing your password or the answers to your security questions.You should also be careful about answering quizzes that pop up on social media or elsewhere online. Though they might seem fun and harmless, they could be used to collect information about you in order to hack your accounts.

This year, focus on limiting what you put on your social networks. Before posting, think to yourself: if a cyber criminal were to see this, would they be able to use it against me? If the answer is yes, consider sending the potential post directly to family and close friends, instead of displaying it publicly.

Teach your family to stay secure

Your home network is only as secure as your least cyber safe family member. If you think you’ve got cyber security down, spend 2022 making sure your kids, spouse, roommates, visitors or overly intelligent pets are on the same page.

Visit our resources page throughout the year to get infographics, videos and downloads suitable for a range of ages. Talk to the kids and older adults in your family about their online activities and make sure they know how to spot suspicious phishing messages. Plus, follow Get Cyber Safe on social media to keep an eye out for upcoming content you can share with the members of your family. 👀


Making a commitment to stay cyber safe in 2022 may seem like a challenge, so take it in steps. Focus on what you can do to protect yourself in small, everyday actions, like changing your Wi-Fi password to something strong and unique, or adjusting your privacy settings on social media. Even if your resolution isn’t on this list, as long as you’re doing your best to stay cyber safe, you’re doing great!

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