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The Get Cyber Safe Challenge: Getting your friends, family and co-workers involved

The Get Cyber Safe Challenge is a month-long event that encourages Canadians to make cyber security part of their regular online activity. Completing each weekly challenge helps protect your data from potential cyber attacks. People smiling in dialogue windows, a person waving at her computer

Even if you are cyber safe, sharing your data with people who aren’t could leave you vulnerable. That’s why it’s a great idea to share the challenge with the people in your life. Everyone loves getting cyber safe (or at least we do!), so why not spread that love with your favourite people and help make cyber security a priority in all of your lives?

Here are a few groups of people who might complete the Get Cyber Safe Challenge with you:

Your family

This past year, we’ve been spending a lot more time online. Many of us are using video calls and other virtual communication tools to stay connected with our families. These new ways of communicating may have forced members of your family, like parents or grandparents, to use apps or accounts they’re not familiar with. The Get Cyber Safe Challenge is a great way to make sure that everyone in your family is practising strong cyber security habits, which will protect them and the people they communicate with.

Help your family participate in the challenge by being there to support less tech-savvy family members and answering questions that may come up. If some members don’t know how they can start to get cyber safe, point them in the right direction (our website is a great resource!). Remember — anyone can get cyber safe with the right support.

Your friends

Just like with your family, you may have been communicating with your friends more online this past year. While it’s important to practise cyber security yourself, it’s just as important that the people you interact with online are also cyber secure. This can prevent you from falling victim to scams like spear-phishing. Getting your friends involved with the Get Cyber Safe Challenge can improve their cyber security, too!

Everyone is more likely to stay committed when they’re held accountable. Check in with your friends throughout the challenge to make sure you’re all keeping up and completing the challenge. The Get Cyber Safe Challenge is a great way to start talking about cyber security with your friends who might not realize the importance of protecting themselves online.

Your co-workers

Your co-workers might be the people you interact with the most online. Get everyone involved in the Get Cyber Safe Challenge to help them be secure online —both in the office and at home.

Get your office excited about the challenge by turning it into a competition. Have prizes for people who are competing and bragging rights for anyone who completes the whole checklist. Not only does this make cyber security a bit more fun, but it can also help you and your coworkers build habits that will benefit you at home and at work.


The Get Cyber Safe Challenge is a great way to make sure your cyber security is as strong as it can be. By doing small tasks every week, you can help make sure all of your online activity is cyber safe. When the people around you take cyber security seriously, everyone benefits. Take the Get Cyber Safe Challenge with a group and get cyber safe together.

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